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Dover Castle

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The Churchill Wartime Tunnels

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South Foreland Lighthouse



A London to Dover day trip is one of the easiest and most popular ways to see the renowned English countryside and the towering White Cliffs.

Dover Castle

England’s largest castle can’t be missed in the distance. Just like the cliffs are an iconic part of Dover, so is this historic castle, which has been the town’s first line of defence.

See the South Foreland Lighthouse

The white-washed Victorian South Foreland lighthouse is a beauty to look at, and has scrumptious views from the top, but it’s also steeped in history.

Secret Wartime Tunnels

The wartime tunnels bury deep into the cliffs, complete with a history tour and real-life film footage from back in the day.

Do the White Cliffs of Dover Walk

The walk along the White Cliffs is around a 10-mile journey. But don’t let that put you off. It doesn’t mean you need to be a hiking enthusiast or fitness junkie.

Mrs Knott’s Tearoom

Right outside the lighthouse, you’ll come across this quintessential tearoom. The tearoom offers a fun and quirky environment to enjoy a cuppa.

Port of Dover

Crazy enough, the Port in Dover is the second busiest port in the whole of England, and one of Europe’s busiest.



The unique experiences in Dover belong to this town only, begging you to return here over and over again.

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