Things to Do in Chinatown London


Looking for the things to do in Chinatown London? This post shows you where to eat, shop and what to see in Chinatown all by a local.

Cafe TPT

You’ll find Cantonese as well as Malaysian dishes. Tuck into a generous portion of roast duck, or stuffed tofu with a side of the delicious Taiwanese drink – bubble tea.

Dumplings’ Legend

Their specialty is xiao long bao or soup dumplings that are prepared from scratch.

C&R Café

C&R Cafe moved into Chinatown over two decades ago and serves up incredible Malaysian food.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee

Old Tree Daiwan Bee serves up some of the most authentic Taiwanese food in Chinatown.

Royal Dragon

They serve great seafood platters and just so happen to be one of the best Chinatown karaoke restaurants.

Wong Kei

Fill up on Cantonese cuisine like roast duck, beef brisket and a sweet soup of rice vermicilli and slow-cooked beef.


Tsujiri is especially unique as it serves up a wonderful variety of matcha desserts.

Shibuya Soho

Shibuya Soho is known for its huge servings of shaved ice filled to the brim with pieces of oreo, strawberries or mango.

things to do in chinatown London