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Crooked House of Canterbury



The charms of Canterbury can’t be captured in a single guide, but I’ll paint a picture of what you can expect on your Canterbury day trip from London.

Take Canterbury Historic Riverboat Tour

One of the most pleasing things to do is a Canterbury boat trip – you get to rest your feet, click away on your camera and watch the scenery idle by..

Unwind at Westgate Gardens

Forget the Cathedral or Castle or meandering river tours – the highlight of your Canterbury day trip is Westgate Gardens.

Visit Crooked House of Canterbury

Sir John Boys House, King’s Gallery, Crooked House of Canterbury; this skewed façade has many names and few answers.

Visit Canterbury Castle

No day trip to Canterbury is complete without a tour of Canterbury Castle. One of the three original castles of Kent, the stalwart remains a prominent landmark of the city’s medieval defences.

Canterbury Tales Walking Tour

Between the oldest English-speaking church in the world and other heritage structures, Canterbury is made for historians (and hipster Instagrammers alike).

Visit Westgate Towers of Canterbury

Westgate is one of seven medieval city gates built to defend the city from invasions, standing at an impressive 18 meters high..

The unique experiences in Canterbury belong to this city only, begging you to return here over and over again.

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