Things To Do Alone in London: 21 Activities To Try on Your Own


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Clueless about what are the best things to do alone in London? Well, you’ll find many fun solo activities to try in this guide.

From visiting secret graffiti street tunnels and vintage cinemas to  exploring the best food markets, there are plenty of epic things to do  in London by yourself!

There’s nowhere as unique and atmospheric to go shopping for flowers, house plants, and seeds as Columbia Road Flower Market.

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Visit Columbia Road Flower Market

It’s one of the best ways to see several landmarks and must-visit sites when exploring London alone.

Self-Guided Walking Tours

London’s rich cultural history is much more than just the galleries and theatres that celebrate its treasures.

Take a London Street Art Tour

If you’re a history buff or art lover wondering what to do by yourself  in London, take a trip to one of the remarkable museums or galleries in  the area.

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Visit London Museums and Galleries

Go on a Photo Walk in London

Throughout the City of London, you’ll find lots of astonishing rooftop views which can be best enjoyed under the golden skies.

Visit Daunt Books and Liberia A book store is one of the places to go alone in London to get absorbed  in a good book. But don’t make it any old book shop, make it Daunt’s  Books or Liberia.

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