Christmas Lights in London

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Wondering where to find the Best Christmas Lights in London? look no further for the traditional to Instagrammable this guide has it all

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Regent Street Christmas Lights

The very first stop on our list is Regent Street. Little known fact, but the Regent Street Christmas lights are the original Christmas lights.

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Oxford Street Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights on Oxford Street are some of the most famous in all of London.

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if you want to embrace the magical London street lights fully, I suggest checking them out before the crowds flood in. Another tip is to opt for weekdays rather than weekends if you can

Carnaby Street Christmas Lights

And when it’s the most wonderful time of the year, Carnaby Street is illuminated with Christmas lights.


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Covent Garden’s Christmas Lights

If you plan on visiting the Covent Garden for Christmas, you can go as early as mid-November.

Piccadilly Christmas Lights

Strolling through St James and Piccadilly during the festive season will offer you picturesque views of the pretty Christmas lights.

Leadenhall Market Christmas Lights

London’s Leadenhall Market offers a ceremony, choirs singing carols and a massive Christmas tree adorned with lights and other ornaments.

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Old Bond Street Christmas Lights

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