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You may be craving a delicious cuppa coffee, and wondering if you could  find any worthwhile cafes in Notting Hill. Perhaps you grew up believing  that England’s only good for tea.

Here you’ll find plenty of cafes with fantastic atmospheres enhanced by  the small-town charm. Bring your friends for a chat, get some work done  at a Notting Hill cafe.

The Farm Girl Cafe is the perfect cozy environment to enjoy a toasty cup of espresso or macchiato. Why not try the lavender or rose lattes to stray even further from the norm.

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Farm Girl Cafe

If you are on the prowl to find some of the best coffee in Notting Hill, the Coffee Plant will be your ideal first stop. 

The Coffee Plant

Are you craving a cup of single-origin Arabica coffee? Well look no further, you can find this and more at the Amoret Coffee shop.

Amoret Coffee Shop

Ole & Steen has been operating for 30 years now, so they know a thing or two about excellent coffee and baked goods.

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Ole & Steen Cafe

Bodyism Coffee Shop

Bodyism has made it possible to indulge in your favourite sweet  pastries, cakes, cookies and brownies without the afterward guilt trip. 

Daylesford Cafe Step into a modern, rustic cafe for a hearty breakfast paired with a toasty shot of espresso to start your day on a good note.

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