8 Best Holland Park London Things to Do


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Holland Park is tucked into a quiet little area of Kensington, on the  west edge of central London. It’s within walking distance from the  charming Notting Hill borough.

From scenic gardens to an open-air theatre and an impressive art museum, here are the top things to do in Holland Park, London.

The history of Holland Park begins In 1605 when Sir Walter Cope (an  English diplomat) built a grand Jacobean mansion in what was then a  rural area of London.

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History of Holland Park

Holland Park is one of London’s best-kept secrets. It’s a quiet oasis  that allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city  life. 

What is Holland Park Known For?

The Orangery in Holland Park is a charming event venue full of beautiful  scenery. It was once part of Holland House, where Lord and Lady Holland  lived.

The Orangery Holland Park

The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park celebrates and honours the friendship between Great Britain and Japan.

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Kyoto Garden

Fukushima Garden

This small scenic space was a gift to the British from Japan following  their support after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster of 2011.

Dutch Gardens It’s beautiful year-round, but during the warmer months, the tulips and yellow irises are especially eye-catching.

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