What To Do In Graz Austria

has a unique feel and elegance that make it an ideal city break destination in Austria.


It has a city centre adorned with architecture influenced by Italian Renaissance artists and architects, a range of culinary delights and futuristic landmarks.

The Hauptplatz houses a statue of the Archduke and the town hall (Rathaus) and a lot of other colourful and impressively decorated buildings around the square.

Hauptplatz (Main Square) and Herrengasse

Schlossberg and Clock Tower (Uhrturm) The Clock Tower has become a symbol of Graz and its history. Some parts of the Clock Tower date back to the 15th century.

The Kunsthaus is one of the most futuristic buildings in Graz and stands out against the more historically designed buildings. Locals affectionately calls it ‘the friendly alien’. 

Kunsthaus Graz (Art Museum)

The Murinsel is an artificial island which looks like a massive glass shell. It’s suspended over the River Mur by two footbridges connecting it to the river banks.

The Murinsel Graz – The Island in the Mur

Armoury With about 32,000 objects in the 17th-century mansion on Herrengasse, Graz is home to the most extensive historical Armoury in the world and was once an essential arsenal in Inner Austria.

This is the oldest surviving bakery in Graz and one of the oldest in Austria, dating back to the 14th century. They have pastries down to a fine art.

HofbackereiEdegger - Tax

Commissioned by Kaiser Ferdinand II, while he was a resident in Graz and a ruler of Inner Austria, this is the most significant Habsburg tomb in terms of art history.

Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II