5 Best Places To Visit In Leicester Square


Leicester Square offers a peek into the cinematic and theatre world of the British capital. The area has seen many movie and theatre premiers and has had its fair share of stars and starlets walk its plains.

Leicester Square is a historically significant and star-studded area with many past influential tenants and current film stars. As a result, there are many entertaining attractions in the area to keep you busy and amused.

Leicester Square Theatre

The Leicester Square Theatre shows a variety of acts, from theatre shows to stand-up comedies and musical performances.

Comedy Club

The 99 Club is in the heart of Leicester Square with four venues all situated near this entertainment hub. It won the Chortle Award’s ‘Best London Comedy Club’ award for ten years and has seen both upcoming and a few familiar-faced UK comedians on its stage.

Harry Potter Tour

 You’ll get to follow in the footsteps of the characters Harry and Hagrid as they purchased his first wand in Diagon Alley. You’ll also see the iconic Leaky Cauldron and the bridge Harry battled the Death Eaters in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”.

Canada House

Canada House is a work of art inside and out. You cannot miss this building built in a Greek Revival architectural style and proudly surrounded by fluttering Canadian flags.

Watch a Movie at the Cinemas

Most of London’s movies are premiered here. If you’re ready to see your favourite actors strut on the red carpet, head to the Odeon Leicester Square, Cineworld Leicester Square, and Vue Cinema London for the best chance to catch a glimpse.

National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery

The National Gallery is free to all visitors and showcases art from contemporary and modern artists. Painting exhibitions change regularly and the gallery has seen paintings from notable artists such as Picasso, Raphael, Gaugin, and more.