5 Ways To Save Money In The New Year to Travel

The start of the New Years can be hard money wise, we’ve all over spent and over ate during the festive season and basically ‘YOLO’ the hell out of December.

Only to check your bank account in January wondering what were you thinking drinking champagne with Christmas lunch and dinner even if it was Mark and Spencer champagne (that baller lifestyle is not cheap).

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Here are 5 ways to get you back on track and help you save money in the New Year to travel!

1. Switch your Bank

Switching your bank account has been made simple with the Current Account Switch Service which guarantees a 7-day switching. Banks now offer cash incentives for new customers to switch their accounts.

HSBC – is currently offering £200 to new customers who switch to their Advance or Premier accounts – £150 in the first 70 days and £50 if you stick with them for 12 months.

Small Print: Minimum monthly pay-in £1750, two direct debits or standing orders within 30 days. To get the £50 bonus you’ll need to register with mobile banking within 60 days of opening the account.

First Direct – First direct will pay £125 to new customers within 28 working days of switching your account.

Small Print: Minimum monthly pay-in £1000, within three months of account opening. T

here is a £10 monthly account fee which can be waived by paying in £1000 per month. Halifax – Switch to the Halifax Rewards Current Account and receive £100, even before the switch is completed.

They’re currently paying a £5 monthly reward, however, this will be reduced to £3 per month in February 2017.

Small Print: There is a £3 reward per month if you pay in £750, two direct debits and stay in credit. Failures to maintain these criteria will mean you miss out on the £3 monthly reward for that month.

2. Use Cashback Sites

Cashback sites like Quidco and Topcashback are great for getting cashback on your online purchases.

The only thing you need to do is sign up with one of these sites and browse your selected online retailers using the cashback site and once you have bought an item, you will receive a percentage of the value of that item as cashback.

You can use Quidco to browse retailers like ASOS, Apple, Expedia and Etsy.I love cashback sites as they save me money on thing I would be buying anyways I saved £20 on my annual travel insurance this year just by using Quidco.

That might not seem like a lot but if you add up all these small saving via cashback over a year you could save yourself up to £250.

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3. Sell your stuff online

You might have received gifts or have items laying about just taking up space. Why not make extra cash and clear out clutter at the same time by selling them on eBayCraiglistZiffit and Facebook trading groups.

I love eBay and found that you can make really quick cash there. The keys are to have great pictures of your item along with a detailed description.

Think, if you were the buyer on eBay what information would you be looking for in the bid listing. Then add those details to your listing. Ziffit is also a great app for selling used books, games and DVD. 

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4. Cancel Subscription Services

Cancel all unnecessary subscription services, yes that beauty box, magazine and gym membership, has got to go.

Don’t lie to yourself that you will use that new Starlit Pink lipstick that’s in the beauty box because it’s touted as the ‘new it’ colour for 2017.

We both know that you haven’t used the products from the last two beauty boxes or been to the gym since October, so just save yourself £45 today and cancel all these subscription boxes.If, you’re set on the ‘new year, new you’ mantra, if only for January instead of a strict 12 months gym contract.

Why not try a ‘pay as you go’ gym (PayasUgym.com) which allows you buy discounted (up to 20%) day or monthly passes at selected gyms in your area.

I really like is as you’re able to choose a gym based on your activity (swimming, running, group classes). Pulls there’s no contract or joining fees.

5. Lower your monthly Bills

Do you have an internet and TV package but spend more time watching Netflix, then ditch the TV package and look for a cheaper internet only deal.

This could save you £100s in a year.Also, use sites like MoneySupermakert to compare different energy suppliers.

An average household could save approximately £200 if they switch energy suppliers.What are you waiting for, with all that money saved up you can now book your flights for your next trip?

Let me the ways you save money in the new year to travel?

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