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You guys know I love me some Desenio prints and when I wanted to add new prints to my bedroom and office space that would be inspired and motivated me.

I headed straight to their website to check out their latest collections. 


I chose prints that reflected my belief but were also creative and inspiration to look at daily — being from an island I love bright bold in your face colours. 

Colours that would jazz up a white wall.

Frida Photo.jpg

I also wanted to get a few motivational quotes that would keep me inspired as I worked on my side hustle, which is this blog.

First, I wanted to add some colour and spice to my bedroom which has a neutral colour scheme of white, more white and some browns. 

Frida Desenio Prints.jpg

I choose one of my perfect prints from Desenio, which is the Frida Kahlo’s poster in 70 x 100. 

This poster to me looks like a rainbow of different colour flowers are exploding from the top of her head. 

Desenio Frames.jpg Desenio Wall Gallery.jpg

I love this print of her – to me; it symbolises how creative this woman was and how I should embrace my creativity and let it flow from every pore of my being. 

I also got two smaller prints in 50 x 70 – one was a motivational quote beauty begins and rose skirt, which was a print of an elegant woman.

Both had a blush pink accent colour  complimentary to the pink in the flowers in the Frida poster. 

The Desenio website has a gallery function where you can style pre-made gallery wall layouts and designs.


I think this is the key to the perfect gallery wall, and I did spent a few hours just trying out different layout to get the vibe I wanted. But it was worth it  to achieve the look I wanted to wake up to every morning.

The second sets of prints I choose were – your life and what you think, were more motivational quotes that really spokes to me and where I am right now in life and blogging journey. 

In your life – rarely do we ever receive the advice of ‘be the person you want to have in your life’ first before trying to attract someone or something to you.

This quote spoke to me, and I have it just above my office desk to remind myself of this daily.

DSCF4309.jpg Side Prints.jpg Desenio Motivational Quote.jpg

The second quote ‘what you think’ is also an excellent reminder for me to think positive no matter the situation, as I’m creating my future with my thoughts and the feelings I hold in the present.

I accentuated the vibrant and beautiful colours of the prints with gold frames. Gold frames and I have a thing going on. 

I think it is such a timeless way of showcasing prints and pictures in any room.

I am not the best DIYer, so drilling and putting nails in my walls were out of the question. I discovered Command strips after looking up alternative ways to hang frames without using nails. 

These little strips are fantastic; they don’t leave marks on the wall and are easy to remove.

They also come in different sizes (large, medium and small). I chose the large strips for my poster and medium strips for my 70 x 50 frames. Within minutes my frames were on the wall.

Stay inspired guys 

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