20 Prettiest Mews in London

There is a lowdown on the prettiest streets in London and where to find them. These are the best London mews, and mews streets in London are pure gems, and you can visit London without hitting up and taking a few snaps at these pretty streets in London.

Are you planning to visit London? Have you heard about the beautiful London mews streets?


While London is known for its tourist attractions like Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace, there is another hidden side of the city that oozes charm. These gems are hidden behind rows of tall Victorian terraced houses and are tiny historic streets – these are the best mews in London.

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Kynance Mews Wisteria

1. Kensington Mews London

If you’re looking for a little piece of beauty in the hustle and bustle of London, then look no further than the mews in Kensington. These picturesque mews are tucked away in a quiet corner of the city and are home to some of the most beautiful architecture in London. 

2. Kynance Mews London – Prettiest Mews in London

Kynance Mews IN London

Kynance Mews is one of the best mews streets in London and one of m y favourite places to explore in Kensington. The neighbourhood not only has one of the highest concentrations of London mews but also some of the prettiest in the city. You’ll also find some of the best mews houses in London in Kynance Mews.

Kynance Mews is one of the most famous mews in London. I am lucky enough to be able to visit these mews in both autumn and spring. During spring, the houses in these mews are covered with wisteria (Kynance mews wisteria), and its arches glow burgundy red with autumn foliage. No matter the season Kynance Mews is worth exploring when visiting London.

Kynance mews London is one of the most expensive mews in London. Stone arches flank the entrance with beautiful wisteria and roses climbing its multicoloured walls, and the lush vegetation outlines the cobbled sidewalks of the mews. Also, next to the mews is Christ Church Kensington, with a gorgeous lavender garden perfect for a quiet place to read a book or catch some rays during summer.

Kynance Mews is located near Gloucester Road Tube Station in Victoria Road Village.

Osten Mews is another pretty mews in London that is 2 minutes walking distance from Kynance Mews.

Near| Gloucester Road station

Fall Foliage at Kynance Mews

2. Ensor Mews

Ensor Mews is another pretty mews in London. There are many other photographs around Ensor Mews as this mews is in the centre of the Chelsea area in London. However, the best time to visit these mews is during the wisteria season in London.

Near | South Kensington Station

3. Redcliffe Mews

Redcliffe Mews is a pastel cobbled stone dream in the heart of Kensington. This mews is not a floral dream like Kynance Mew or Warren Mews. But it will be right up your alley if you are a lover of candy colours and in the Kensington area.

The mews is within walking distance of the museum row, including the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Hyde Park.

Near | West Brompton Station

Best Time To Visit Kynance Mews

4. Cornwall Mews 

Lined with rows of pastel-coloured houses, Cornwall Mews in South Kensington is one of London’s quieter, less known mews streets.

As with many of these residential mews, the outside of the houses is lined with an abundance of potted plants. During World War II, there were even recordings of bombs falling onto Cornwall Gardens, north of the mews.

Near | Gloucester Road Station

5. Cresswell Place Mews

This cobbled street was once home to the famous English writer Agatha Christie, who in 1929 bought the stunning double-sided brick house.

The house is said to have inspired her book Murder in the mews (1937). The writer also changed the home, including creating her writing room a top of the 19th-century property. An episode of ‘The Sweeny’ (1977) used the mews as a filming location.

Near | Gloucester Road/Earl’s Court/South Kensington Stations

6. Queen’s Gate Mews

Queens Gate Mews

Just off Gloucester Road is the Queen’s Gate Mews boasting beautiful brightly coloured buildings. Wander down here and discover that this colourful lane exudes Old English charm.

This mews is also the site of London’s first petrol pump! Reported celebrities like Guy Ritchie and Madonna are said to have lived in one of the houses in this mews.

Near | Gloucester Road Station

7. Cranley Mews

This is one of the longest London mews. It’s also one of the prettiest with its rainbow of pastel facades.  There’s even one mews house with a garage door painted in the Union Jack. This is one of the best South Kensington Mews.

Near | South Kensington Station

8. Adam and Eve Mews

This eccentrically named mews is a cobbled through-road between Kensington High Street and Allen Street. The mews consist of both residential and commercial properties.

Adam and Eve Mews still has many of the original double garage doors and first-floor hayloft doors and is a place you’ll find the most beautiful flowers in spring.

Near | High Street Kensington Tube Station

9. Stanhope Mews – South


The houses in this small cobbled street near Gloucester Road are always adorned with colourful flowers that make you go aww and make for a great London souvenir snap. I found the Stanhope Mews south to be the most beautiful of Stanhope’s mews (there is also Stanhope Mews East and West).

This cream-coloured mew with its plant-filled sidewalks and the cobbled street is lined with brightly coloured chairs and tables at each house. The street is a few minutes’ walk from three of the best museums in London – the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the V & A.

Near | Gloucester Road Station

10. Prince’s Gate Mews

You’ll find the pastel heaven Prince’s Gate Mews just behind the Victoria & Albert Museum. The stables are divided into three sections, with part of the address in Kensington and the rest in Westminster. It’s also just across the street from the National History Museum.

Near | South Kensington Station

11. Ennismore Mews

Ennismore Garden Mews is just two minutes from Prince’s Gate Mews. With its cobbled street and its iron balconies. Ennismore Mews looks more like a street in a quaint country village than a spot in central London. I challenge you to walk this stretch without falling in love with at least one house.

Near | Knightsbridge Station

12. St Lukes Mews Notting Hill | Famous mews in London

St Lukes Mews in london

St Lukes Mews in Notting Hill is a must-see spot for fans of the movie ‘Love Actually’. This is where you’ll find the pink house featured in the 2003 movie, where Keira Knightley’s character Juliet’ lived.

St Lukes Mews London has one of the most famous Mews houses in London due to the film, and it is also one of the pink mews of London. The street is close to the famous Portobello Road and Biscuiteers.

Near | Westbourne Park/Ladbroke Grove Station

13. Colville Mews

For a mews with a different visit Colville Mews where you’ll find the first boutique store for Alice Temperley of Temperley London. 

The mews is located just outside Westbourne Grove and Ledbury Road, the shopping area of Notting Hill, where you’ll find several independent boutiques and high-end designer stores. The store is painted with the Union Jack.

Near | Notting Hill Gate/Ladbroke Grove/Westbourne Park Station

14. Denbigh Close

Denbigh Close has been the filming location of many iconic films —like The Italian Job (1969), where Michael Caine appeared in the movie driving down Denbigh Close. Denbigh Close is just off Portobello Road Market, made famous by another iconic British film, Notting Hill (1999).

Near | Notting Hill Gate Station

15. Lancaster Mews London

Lancaster Mews London

Lancaster Mews is quietly hidden in the sought-after village of Craven, near Hyde Park and Paddington.

Lancaster Road is probably one of the most photographed streets in London due to the stunning colours of the houses lining either side of the street. Lancaster Road has two rows of coloured houses facing each other. On one side of the street, the houses were a vibrant and bright mixture of purple, blue, green and yellow.

Near | Lancaster Gate Station

16. Warren Mews London – Fitzrovia

Warren Mews London

I’ve taken my fair share of photos of Warren mews peculiar entrance, timidly venturing inside the mews to be amazed by the vast amount of greenery covering the beautiful mews houses London and the cobbled street.

This mews is defined by its distinctive entrance painted black, with its hanging green flora display, and the pink and green bikes you usually will find outside — all belonging to Gallerist Rebecca Hossack, famous for defending Aboriginal art. Don’t forget to check out the gallery after visiting this mews of London.

Near | Great Portland Street Station

17. Bathurst Mews

Bathurst Mews is one of the largest mews in London. The stables have been in constant use since the 1830s to this day. Secluded, the ivy-draped houses in these mews have stayed true to the original purposes of mews — stable for horses. This mews houses the last two riding schools in Central London.

Near | Paddington and Lancaster Gate Station

18. Holland Park Mews

Holland Park Mews

Holland Park Mews is a cobbled-through road approached through its arch off Holland Park. The long row is lined with houses with external iron stairs leading up to the second-storey terraced balconies.

Most of the houses on this residential street are classified as level II and one of London’s best-preserved mews. The mews is close to Holland Park and the Kyoto Garden.

Near | Holland Park Station

19. Codrington Mews

Codrington Mews

For music lovers, Codrington Mews is heaven. This mews is the home of XL Recordings, where Adele produced her album 21.

The mews contain mostly classical Victorian architecture around large garden squares. You can also find murals referencing different albums like the Thom Yorke album The Eraser and the XX Coexist album. That was produced at the studio.

20. Sussex Mews West

If you walk to the end of Bathurst Mews and under the archway, you’ll meet Sussex Mews West. This small lane is barely big enough, yet it is called a road. Lined with creamed-coloured houses, this mews is well visited during summer when the vines are green and full.

Near | Lancaster Gate Station

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