How to Make Quick Cash For Travel by Selling Your Books

If you’re a bit of a hoarder, specifically a book hoarder like me and you’re trying to de-clutter and save up money for your upcoming travels, then look no further than Ziffit

I still have textbooks I used at university (I told you I’m a hoarder; not the type on the TV series but in a few years, who knows? anything could happen).

Using the Ziffit app you can sell books, DVDs, CDs or games that you no longer use or need and make some quick cash in the process. No vouchers or coupons, just cash that you can put towards travelling.

Here’s how to make quick cash for travel by selling your books using  Ziffit app!

How did I find Ziffit?

 I was trying to sell some books and workout DVDs that I no longer needed on eBay. This took a lot of time and effort. I had these items listed for almost a month on eBay with great pictures and detailed description, yet  not a single bid.

I got creative and started looking around for alternative ways to sell those books and DVDs online without leaving my flat, and I found Ziffit..

How does Ziffit Works? states that Ziffit is a free online service that instantly values your Books, Games, DVDs and CDs and lets you generate cash quickly.

I gave the Ziffit app a try and downloaded the app on my iPhone and scanned each book and DVD I wanted to sell.

When scanning your items place it on a flat surface, so the scanner can read the complete barcode of the item. 

Once scanned you get an instant notification of whether the book is accepted or not, and at what price (value).You can also use the website to enter the barcode of each item directly.

You’ll need a minimum of 10 items or items worth at least £5 to complete a trade.Some of the items I scanned were not at the value I initially thought they would be, but getting something for them was better than having them just sit on my bookshelf.

Ziffit will not accept damaged or defaced items.If you’re happy with the total value Ziffit has given for the items in your basket, you can go ahead to complete your trade.

Pack and Send

You can choose whether you want to drop-off your box using the Collect+ or via a free courier.I used the Collect+ drop-off service, as my box weighed less than 10kg.

When do I get paid? 

Once your items have been received, you are e-mailed an update saying that the quality of your items is being checked. This can take up to seven days to complete.

When your items are checked and accepted, you will receive another e-mail telling you.

Your trade has been completed and your money will be transferred to your nominated account. This could take up to three working days to appear in your account.

I sold the following books and DVD using the Ziffit app:

Being a scientist, I couldn’t just stop at using Ziffit only. I had to experiment and see how it stacked up against other book-selling apps.

I downloaded WeBuyBooks and both book selling apps and compared prices for the same book quoted by all three apps.

To see who gave the best price for the books I wanted to sell. Ziffit came out top, as it not only gave the best price per book (i.e. highest price per book compared to the other two apps), but also accepted more of the books I scanned, such as my coloring book for adults. Yes, there was a coloring books for adults.



1.     Quick and Easy to use

2.     Gives you great prices for your books

3.     You get to select the payment method – Bank, PayPal or Cheque

4.     Calculates the nearest Collect+ drop-off point from your home or you can use the free courier service

5.     You can request that they send a postage stamp if you don’t have a printer at home

6.     Quick and helpful customer service via telephone

7.     E-mail updates on your order 


1.     Slow in responding to customer e-mailsBasically, you won’t become rich by selling your used books, DVDs, CDs or games on Ziffit. But if you’re looking to de-clutter your space and make some quick cash at the same time to put towards savings for your upcoming travel, then this is a great tool to use.

Have you used Ziffit? What was your experience with the app?

Happy Scanning!

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