Things I’m Loving This Month


I’ll be doing a new series on the blog called ‘things I’m loving this month’, in hopes that you guys can get to know more about me. And, so that I can put you guys on to some of the lovely things I’ve found throughout the month that I think you might like.

So, as March was the first quarter of 2018 – yes, I live my life in quarters and always try to set small, medium and longer-term that I work towards each day, month, year. And with the start of every year, it’s all about reflection and self-development.


So, at the start of the year in practising living a more creative life, I download the audiobook ‘The Artist Way’, on audible. And loved it so much much that I bought the full book the ‘The Artist Way’ by Julia Cameron.

If you have no one idea who this author is well pull up a chair and I’ll give you some info on her. Apparently, this workbook has helped inspire many creatives worldwide including the writer Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Eat Pray Love’, wrote her book.

I will not give anything away but following the worksheets in this book. I’m now journaling almost every morning and going on artist dates with myself (yes, I know it sound woo-woo). But it’s fun I promise you.

When I want to learn something I just go head first into it and try to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. So, I was looking for a writing course based in London and lucky enough heard Laura being interviewed on a London podcast and speaking about her creative course.

In hopes to get better at writing and storytelling. I signed up for the creative writing course ‘Don’t be a writer be a storyteller’ by Laura Jane Williams. A wacky, sexy, cool intelligent woman that’s brilliant at storytelling and writing about pearl-clutching topics that many people don’t write about. She also has a few books published.

Guys, I was super nervous when starting this course, so nervous about my lack of creative writing abilities. That I e-mailed her to ask if I should do some pre-reading or work for the writing course.

I’m glad I am doing this course, it really gives me the freedom to just write whatever I feel and with the freedom that no one really cares and that you can’t edit a blank page. I really feel like the course is helping me really sit down and not only write an informative travel guide about places I’ve been, but inject my personality by telling you funny ass stories that will inform and entertain you.

Now I’m not saying I will be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling (let’s not get crazy now people). But I am having fun and learning something new that I can share with you guys.

You’d think that with all this highbrow creative work, I would like nice elegant classical music but nope. I like that ratcheted trap music ( I’m a girl with many sides). I downloaded the Cardi B album, the day it comes, have it on repeat and know all the words to every song (so, classy). If you are of a gentler nature and don’t like four letter words, then this album is not for you. But Cardi B is my girl.

I also have the Black Panther album on repeat, the beats to ‘Oopps’ and ‘King is Dead’ are just amazing – it’s my running playlist.

Also, you guys should check out Chole X Halle – ‘The Kids Are Alright’, a new album from the sister signing duo. They have a different and unique sound to what you’ll hear in the top 10 music charts, but not a sound you’ll easily forget. Their sound has been called ‘experimental’, but if its good enough for Beyoncé it’s good enough for me. They were also in the Beyoncé ‘Freedom’ video of her lemonade album.

Drake’s new song and video for ‘Nice for What’ with all the beautiful strong women featured in it is another favourite - if only I could be as graceful and elegant as Misty Copeland in the video. The video was even directed by a female director! After listening to and watching the video.

I love Drake even more; my brother thinks he is corny. But I don’t care that’s what I like about him and his music. He is corny and he doesn’t care that people think so too.


Well if you haven’t seen the new Idris Elba series on Sky One ‘In the long run’, then you need to call in sick at work (just kidding: P) and have a duvet day. So, you can binge watch it!

You’ll be dying of laughter at how funny the characters are and if you’re an immigrant you can relate to leaving your country in hopes of making a better life for yourself or your children.

Plus, you’ll probably know or have a few of these characters in your family. The Jamaican woman shouting at her dog reminds me of my mom (yes, Jamaican parents shout like crazy people). The series also reminds me of ‘Desmond's’ (if you’re younger than 25 years old - google it). I really hope Sky One does more episodes of it as six episodes are not enough.

I also watched ‘Red Sparrow’ with Jennifer Lawrence and really liked it. Honestly, I was not expecting much from this movie. The movie is as far away from ‘The Hunger Games’ as you can get. Lots of subtle twist turns and some graphic senses which kept me engaged.

This is something I like about Lawrence as an actress she tries different characters so, you’ll never know what to expect from her (good or bad).


keeping in with my quest to improve my photography I bought a second-hand 35mm 1.4f lens for my Fujifilm X-T2 from WEX Photography. But you can also get it on amazon. I have a few lenses for my little beast Fujifilm X-T2 including the 18-55mm 2.8f kit lens.

I wanted the 35mm 1.4f lens which is equivalent to a 50mm lens on a full frame camera for detail shots. I knew I would be travelling and wanted to get some more portrait, lifestyle, fashion and beauty shots for my blog. I knew that prime lens would be great for these types of shots, it would give me nice sharp images, with great details and with the 1.4f would let in lots of light and create those dreamy backgrounds.

A different lens can make the world of difference to an image

I don’t mind buying a second-hand lens as I knew lenses keep their value and aren’t updated every six months to a few years like a camera body.

I got my lens from WEX which is where I buy most of my camera gear from, as they are reliable and have good customer service. They have a grading scale for their second lens so you kind of know if the lens has scratches on it etc. Lucky for me my lens was as new and came with the original box and manual. Plus, I saved £250!

Here are some of the shots I took on my 35mm lens.

Shot on Fujifilm X-T2 35mm 1.4fShot on Fujifilm X-T2 35mm 1.4fShot on Fujifilm X-T2 35mm 1.4fShot on Fujifilm X-T2 35mm 1.4fShot on Fujifilm X-T2 35mm 1.4fSisters - Eating Prague Food Tour- Prague Food Tour, Eating Prague Food Tour, Where to Eat In Prague, Things to do in Prague, Best Things To Eat in Prague, What to eat in Prague, Cheap eats in Prague, Taste the best Czech foods, Zvonice, Naso Maso, Sisters, Style & Interier, Eating Prague Tour, Local Food Tour, Prague Food Tour, Café Louvre, Perníčkův Sen, Prague for 24 hours, kolache, chlebíčky

I have my eyes on the 23mm 1.4f, but I will need to save up for that in the future (the 23mm on an APS-C sensor is like a 35mm on a full frame camera). It’s a similar focal length to what the human eyes see daily.


Now, I’ll confess I’m a marketer’s dream customer, because put something in a pretty package, throw on a sassy ass name and promise me longer hair, longer lashes, stronger nails, bigger bobbies (Wonderbra I’m looking at you), and I’ll be foaming at the mouth to buy it.

And this is the case with the new benefit mascara. Yes, I said mascara! Because I have fine curly hair naturally. I tend to buy anything with fuller or thickening in the title. I also get my eyelashes and highbrows tinted every month and get lash extensions when I’m travelling.

So, when I saw all the hype around the Benefit BADgal Bang volumizing Mascara with gravity-defying formula, aero-particles promising bigger smudge-proof, water-resistant, volumizing lashes. I had to make a trip to Boots and try it out.

And it was love at first application, the application was easy, the wand separated ever lash and I could see how with two or more application I would be on my way to faking the lash extension look. BADgal Bang has now become my new favourite go-to mascara.

I hoped you liked this little run down of things I’m loving this month.

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