How to get a Chinese visa with a UK Passport


I’ll be jetting off on a three week trip to Asia visiting Japan, South Korea and China. I've always wanted to visit China it’s been on my bucket-list since I can remember and had been daydreaming about walking on the Great Wall and experiencing this mystical place. But, in all my daydreaming I almost forgot one important thing. I need a visa for China!

All British nationals need a visa to enter mainland China. A visa is not needed for Hong Kong or Macao. The visa is required before arriving in China.

After my initial panicking and then some research, I found that applying for a Chinese visa was simple and straightforward. And not as traumatic as the process of applying for a visa to other countries.

There are various types of Chinese visas but if you are visiting, China as a tourist then you will need the ‘L-tourist’ visa. This allows you to stay in China for 90 days per entry.

Here I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Chinese visa in the UK for British passport holders.

How to get a Chinese visa with a UK Passport!

Things you need:

· A completed visa application form

· Your passport with 6 months validity and at least 2 clean pages

· Two passport photos (within the last few months)

· Scans of your passport's photo page

· Details of your flight's arrival and departure

· Details of your round-trip itinerary whilst in China (including proof of hotel reservation)

· Declaration form

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You can download the Application Form Here


The process of the getting a Chinese visa in the UK 

In the UK there are two Chinese visa application service centres one in London and another in Manchester. As I live in London and will be travelling with two friends we choose the centre in London which was the closest to us.

We booked an appointment online and submitted a group visa application. This can be done when you are booking your appointment. During the appointment, your documents are checked to make sure you have provided all your relevant documents and the form is completed correctly.

I received our visa within 5 days of first submitting all documents at the initial appointment.

Keep in mind that the visa application process varies with location, so make sure that your documents are sent in well in advance (minimum of one month) before you’re due to travel.

If you are unable to visit one of these centres you can submit your application by post or via an authorised third party (a visa service company) for a fee.

Cost of a Chinese visa in the UK

To apply for a tourist visa cost £151 and allows for a multi-entry valid for 2 years and 90 days per entry.

Applying for a  Chinese visa can be a lengthy task we a few many sleepless nights. But, I found applying for a Chinese visa in London simple and quick. Now let the adventures begin!!

 Let me know about your experience applying for a Chinese visa?


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