Guide To Packing Light for A Weekend Trip


If you’re anything like I use to be, I already know you’re an over-packer. Don’t worry girl I’m not judging you, I’m here to help. I know we all want to look cute on our vacation, whether for a weekend city break or a month travelling through Asia. The question is how do you look cute, comfortable and photo ready while exploring without taking your entire wardrobe on holiday with you?Let me help by showing you how to pack light for a weekend trip.

Here's Your guide to packing light for a weekend trip

A Guide To Packing Light for A Weekend TripIt all starts with the suitcase - yes, a suitcase can make or break the items you carry on a weekend way. I used to use backpacks and duffle bags, but they all seemed to fall victim to my over-packing one broken strap at a time. Now I carry my trusted Primark roller suitcase. Yes, I said Primark (hold the grasps). I brought both rollers three years ago, as a set (cabinet and medium size) for £30 from Primark’s core range. It has served me well and I’m the type of girl to ride with something until the wheels fall off (and yes, the wheels will literally have fall off for me to buy a new carry-on suitcase).I love the soft surface, multiple compartments, how expandable and light weight this carry-on is, even after packing a ton of stuff in it. It doesn’t feel bulky.

What Clothes To Pack

A Guide To Packing Light for A Weekend Trip

Since I am heading to Wales for a weekend trip and with the last of the summer rays disappearing. I make sure I pack a light weight jacket and a sweater. I’ll wear the jacket and sweater there so, they won’t take up that much space in my carry-on. A travel tip that I’ve picked up is to wear your bulkier items during the journey to save on space.I always pack a few accessories sunglasses, jewellery, headscarves and a hat, so I can vary my look without taking a different outfit for each day while travelling.I always take two pairs of jeans one black and one blue pair (Jones Moto Skinny Jeans from Topshop) are my favourites.  I will also take a pair of legging and tights that I can wear under a dress or with a long top if it gets a little chilly.One dress, a full-length skirt that can double as a dress with a belt, two plain V-neck t-shirts (in black or white) and two blouses in case I go anywhere nice for dinner or clubbing.For this trip, I’ll take one pair of sandals for going out and a black pair of Nike Free running shoes for everyday activities plus they are comfortable as hell and goes with every kind of outfit. I’m not a flats girl as most flats have no support in them and after three hours walking. I’ll start to feel unbearable pain in my shins due to the lack of support.I usually take a pair of flip-flops for wearing indoors and in the bathroom. Yes, some people might think this is weird to wear flip-flops in the shower but the last time I checked athletes foot was not in fashion. I’ll keep my flip-flops on.The travel packing tip that really changed the game for me was when I watched a fashion blogger coordinated and took photos of every outfit she would wear in a carry-on for a week’s trip through Europe in!This was like the second coming for me …. I realized that if planned my outfits down to the accessories and took photos on my phone. I would never again worry about what to wear or carry my whole closet with me.This one packing tip has saved me so much time and money as I never have to think of what to wear or feel the need to buy new clothes. I just re-work the pieces I already have. Now all I do is look at the photos on my photo and know exactly what I will be wearing that day.I always pack a small, cross body bag or backpack and my camera bag. Where I put all the things I’ll need for the day to explore a new city.


I like my travel makeup to last all day and be spillage proof. If I'm on the move all day, the last thing I want to do is worry about is reapplying my makeup.I carry my travel makeup in a clutch, this way I’m able to see everything that I need. I take a travel brush/comb (depending on what hair style I’m rocking at the time), mirror, compressed deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, Simple face wash, coconut oil, Garnier Micellar water, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (ladies this stuff actually lasts 24 hours and blends seamlessly into my skin), NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Caramel (mid/dark 3) and Ginger, NARS contour blush - Paloma, NARS velvet matte lip pencil – Dolce Vita, eyebrow gel, Benefit – BADgal Lash volumizing mascara, Kiehl’s ultra light daily UV defense sunscreen, Kiehl’s ultra facial cream.


Guide To Packing Light

If you’re like me a budding photographer (check out my Instagram @huesofdelahaye) or love capturing the moments along your travels. Then like me, you’ll be carrying a camera. I use a Fujifilm X-T2 (I love this camera because of how sharp and user friendly it is. All the dials are on the body of the camera, so easy to adjust without feeling like you’re using a computer as most DSLR camera), my iPhone 7 plus, noise cancelling headphones and a phone charger.I recently picked up this Joby Gorilla tripod while travelling around Asia and love it. I find that this works with most, smartphone but fits snugly with the iPhone 7 plus and a silicone case with a thicker phone case cover it might not fit the iPhone 7 plus. This tripod is great shooting videos on a smartphone as you get steady shots. The tripod can be mold to fit around most objects and is a great alternative to a selfie stick.I also bring my laptop with me, so I can do some work in my down time, as hey this blog (aka my side hustle won’t run itself). I found this beautiful rose gold marble laptop case on It’s great for protecting my MacBook Air (get 25% off when you use the code @huesofdelahaye) while I travel.

How Do I Pack All This

Let me introduce you to my little friend the Muji packing cubes. These packing cubes are a life saver. I always carry an extra one where I can place all the clothes I’ve worn, to keep them separated from my clean clothes. I try to keep my sandals and flip-flop together in a separate compartment.I have recently tried leaving a little space in my carry-on in case I see something I would like to buy.I know that it can be a real pickle between looking cute while travelling and carrying everything and the kitchen sink with you. I find planning my outfits and taking photos of what I will wear down to the accessories, saves me time and prevents over-packing. I never have to think of what to wear or how an outfit will look on me. Not worrying about what I’m wearing also allows me to enjoy travelling and not be stressed out about dragging around a ton of clothes and shoe I will not wear. The piece of luggage that I find is my favourite to take with me either on a weekend away or a long haul fight is a wheeled backpack, as they are so convenient and easy to pull around a airport.

 Are you an over-packed or a recovering over-packer? What are your essential packing tips?

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