Adding Personality to Your Walls with Desenio Prints

I’m a sucker for a good interior design show. When I was younger, I would frequently walk through neighbourhoods peeking over hedges, to see into people’s houses, to see what made a warm, inviting family home or a sleek modern minimalist pad.


This gave me ideas and inspiration for what my flat would look like when I had my own place.

And the one thing that all these houses had in common where beautiful and inspiring gallery walls that showcased those individuals style and personality.

Desenio Print

Whether it was bold abstract paintings that took over an entire wall or small monochrome prints, those walls spoke volumes about the individuals style and taste.

And like them I wanted my home to reflect my style and taste, which has changed as I’ve gotten older.


I now try to embrace colour in my living space where once it was all white or monochrome.

Wanting to freshen up my bland, boring plain white walls for the changing season and add interest and personality back into my flat.

New Arrivals inspiration

I wanted to create a vibrant and creative gallery wall, filled with prints and posters that inspire and excite me.

And I knew there was only one place to look for high quality affordable stylish poster and prints – Desenio.

Scandinavian Prints

Desenio, the online Scandinavian wall-art company has made gallery walls and stylish on trend prints accessible to the masses.

You might not know their name but I’m sure you’ve seen their sass and beautiful prints on Instagram and all over your Pinterest feed.

Desenio prefect pair

What I love most about Desenio posters is how easy they make it to create a gallery wall.

They organise categories in themes such as fashion, nature, and inspiring quotes and have perfect pairings of prints and poster.

So, that you can keep to a certain aesthetic if you want to. With so many prints to choose from, you can create something that’s personal to your own taste.

Desenio gallery wall

After you add a print to your basket, it pops up with the option to add a frame in the same size and complementary prints, leaving no room for confusion on what else you need to buy to create your perfect gallery wall.

I love that they also have examples of gallery wall templates, so you know what sizes you need to order your prints in to get the right look. No more ordering random frames and hoping they all go together.

Desenio’s design are so inspiring and beautiful you could spend the entire day just choosing prints for your gallery wall.Instead of choosing from a theme, I chose prints I contacted with like the Frida Kahlo prints.

Desenio UK

I am a huge fan of hers and after seeing her exhibition Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up at the V & A.

I am even more inspired with how brave and creative she was even through all her health issues.

This print is also very vibrant and not for the faint of hearts but is very much in keeping with my style and background being from the Caribbean. I love bold strong colours.

Discount Code

I wanted to add colour to my walls and included feathers, abstract prints and quotes that had the same blush tone pink in them.

A few inspiring boss girl quotes were mandatory – Change You Thoughts, She Believed She Could and A Grateful Heart where my next picks.

I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking and gratitude and knew these quotes will remind me of these fundamentals daily.


The Desenio prints I choose for my gallery wall: Frida Kahlo (50 x 70) She Believed She Could So She Did (50 x 50)Abstract No1 (40 x 50) Change Your Thoughts (40 x 50)Lisa Bengtsson Fair Hair I Swear (30 x 40)A Grateful Heart (21 x 30)Life Is Tough My Darling (21 x 30)With Desenio you need not compromise on quality to get the luxe look when you’re decorating your home or just freshen up a boring wall.

If you’re like me and not handy with a hammer and don’t want to hammer an ungodly number of holes in your wall while trying to put these Scandinavian prints up.

Then I recommend you pick up adhesive Command picture-hanging strips to keep your walls in good condition.

Desenio gallery wall - Desenio prints, Desenio posters

All the prints are from Desenio and this blog post is in collaboration with them.

Save yourself some money by using my Desenio discount code. You can get 25% off prints between the 6th-8th of November with the discount code “HUESOFDELAHAYE” (this doesn’t include handpicked collection or frames).

Now go freshen up and add personality to the boring walls in your home.This post was created in collaboration with Desenio.

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